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Looking for the best LMS for corporate training? We've found seven of them for you! Get guided by our shortlist.
Adopting a learning management system (LMS) for corporate training makes 72% of businesses more competitive. Unfortunately, finding the one platform that satisfies the needs of your team perfectly is not a straight road. After looking into a long list of options and integrating one LMS, 88% of companies have to switch to another because of the poor experience. Is there a way to avoid costly mistakes and pick the best LMS for employee training once and for all? Certainly, if you get guided by our shortlist.

  1. SAP Litmos
  2. TalentLMS
  3. Articulate Storyline 360
  4. Docebo
  5. LearnUpon
  6. Lessonly
  7. Edtch.
1. SAP Litmos: best LMS from the corporate learners' and admins' perspective
Best LMS for corporate training - SAP Litmos
SAP Litmos has a professional interface with well-organized tools that make it easy for the user to jump from one task to another.

An intuitive interface is not the only advantage of SAP Litmos — the system supports localization and custom branding, and users can access the system from anywhere using mobile devices.

With the SAP Litmos LMS, training can be deployed in days and integrated with other business systems such as CRM, human resource information system (HRIS) or web conferencing.

Organizations can use the corporate training solution to boost employee engagement, enable targeted learning and stay compliant.

Key features & advantages of SAP Litmos
  • You can choose from more than 30 out-of-the-box connectors or build your own one using open APIs.
  • Easily add and organize new users.
  • Engage learners with leaderboards and gamification.
  • The data is encrypted and stored behind a firewall.
  • The ability to integrate with many third parties in one place.
  • Instant insights generated by convenient reporting tools.
  • Ready-to-access courses on compliance, leadership, management, communication, and social skills.
  • With built-in reporting and analytics, team managers can track course completion, test averages, and content popularity.
  • 35+ preconfigured languages for users.
  • Flexible mobile learning with SCORM and Tin Can.
  • Surveys, quizzes, and assessments.
  • Adding new users, enrolling groups, and assigning learning paths can all be automated.
Pitfalls to be aware of when choosing SAP Litmos for corporate training
  • The cost of an eLearning project is higher if it is smaller than 150 learners a month.
  • If you're looking to certify your employees at the end of the training, this isn't the strongest point of SAP Litmos.
2. TalentLMS: best choice for growing businesses
Best LMS for corporate training - Talent LMS
TalentLMS has been praised as the #1 LMS for corporate training in terms of value for money, which is a dealbreaker for small businesses. The platform itself declares to be best for small-to-midsize companies.

TalentLMS stands out with a user-friendly design made for the modern professional. It is a fast, easy and modern solution for businesses and organizations focused on employee training, onboarding, and compliance training.

Due to its cloud-based nature, TalentLMS is ideal for both in-house and remote training. The platform is mobile-friendly, and it allows employees to learn at their own pace and stop and start at their convenience.

Key features & advantages of TalentLMS:
  • Utilize all media types to create courses: videos, presentations, and text documents.
  • Useful functionality for blended learning: organize and deliver live sessions for learning, use video conferencing and messaging tools for seamless communication.
  • Customization of appearance on a portal-by-portal basis.
  • Easy-to-read reports
  • Provide content in multiple languages to a global audience.
  • Manage and monitor the training process.
  • Provide interactive courses based on the latest e-learning content standards, such as SCORM, xAPI, and CMI5.
  • Add gamified elements to the courses to make them more engaging
Pitfalls to be aware of when choosing TalentLMS for corporate training
  • TalentLMS may be quite enough for an average corporate training, but if you're a seasoned e-learning program manager, you may lack some functionality for interactive formats and third-party integrations.
3. Articulate Storyline 360: best tool for creating corporate training content
Best LMS for corporate training - Articulate Storyline 360
Articulate Storyline is a Windows desktop course authoring tool that leverages PowerPoint's look and feel and overall well-known UX/UI. It has a modest learning curve considering the flexibility it offers.

The tool can be used to develop interactive courses that work on every device without any manual adjusting.

Key features & advantages of Articulate Storyline 360
  • Build high-quality courses with the solution's intuitive interface, familiarity, and seamless integration with Content Library 360.
  • XAPI (TinCan), AICC, SCORM, and most other e-learning formats are supported.
  • Adaptable to tablet and smartphone screens, the responsive player provides an optimal course experience. It hides sidebar menus and provides mobile-friendly playback controls. Touchscreen gestures like drag, pinch-to-zoom, etc., are all supported.
  • Create a simulation in a matter of minutes.
  • Translate your courses easily for learners from around the world.
Pitfalls to be aware of when choosing Articulate Storyline 360 for corporate training
  • Articulate 360's cloud is US-based, so European businesses may have some trouble tackling the GDPR issue.
  • Read this again: Storyline courses are PowerPoint-style, meaning your training will advance in a linear, slide-by-slide manner. Choleric learners may find it slow and too restrictive in terms of navigation.
4. Docebo: an effective LMS for enterprise and a go-to for e-commerce
Best LMS for corporate training - Docebo
Docebo is one of the most popular learning management systems. According to end users and industry professionals, the company is highly regarded. Its ease of use, configurability, robust learning management, delivery capabilities, and an affordable pricing model make it a popular choice.

In addition to offering an effective educational tool, Docebo is also highly engaging for end users. The platform allows users to integrate online and offline classrooms and popular third-party web conferencing tools. Docebo users can gamify their courses with achievements, badges and student rankings.

With Docebo, you can benefit from a comprehensive learning management system solution, also offering advanced help desk options, single-click feature installation, cloud convenience, and a single sign-on app in addition to a number of detailed features.

With Docebo's powerful configuration engine, you can quickly create audience-specific learning programs with flexible, drag-and-drop capabilities.

Key features & advantages of Docebo:
  • Boundless Configurability. Create flexible learning programs with dozens of extensions and native integrations across all products.
  • Business Impact, Measured. Validate your company's learning investment and make data-driven decisions to drive your business.
  • Multi-Audience Delivery. Deliver personalized, scalable learning to several internal, external or blended audiences.
  • Scale Across The Learning Loop. Tackle any learning challenge to create an authentic learning culture within your organization.
  • Streamline Your Content Strategy. Create and manage your own learning content or leverage high-quality off-the-shelf e-learning content.
Pitfalls to be aware of when choosing Docebo for corporate training
  • The platform only offers a 14-day trial period. You might require more time to test beyond the basic features.
5. LearnUpon: the top LMS for corporate training accessible from mobile
Best LMS for corporate training - LearnUpon
LearnUpon's corporate LMS provides a suite of tools for building, assigning, monitoring, and measuring employee training and learning programs. Through the combination of user-focused technology and industry-leading expertise, LearnUpon helps businesses deliver impactful training that improves employee development and onboarding.

Key features & advantages of LearnUpon
  • 24/7 global support provided by friendly, knowledgeable staff.
  • Make your training process more efficient by automating recurring tasks.
  • Deliver blended learning with ILT modules and simplify webinar delivery with webinar integrations.
  • Enhance course content with engaging features such as surveys, exams, and assignments.
  • Automated report scheduling.
  • Provide an engaging learning experience through comments, posts, and sharing of ideas.
Pitfalls to be aware of when choosing LearnUpon for corporate training
  • The LearnUpon LMS lags behind in reporting. Apparently, the development team has recently got more focused on catching up with this area of functionality, which is great, on the one hand. On the other, it devoured the resources that could be distributed to other features.
6. Lessonly: a trending LMS with broad course authoring functions
Best LMS for corporate training - Lessonly
With Lessonly, in-house teams can easily create, implement, and manage training for their organizations.

In Lessonly, corporate training creators can make custom content and assign it to specific learners or groups. Employees will then follow custom-authored courses and take practice exams and quizzes to see the effectiveness of their training.

Key features & advantages of Lessonly
  • An automated self-managing learning system.
  • Individual users are able to monitor their progress by completing quizzes and free-response questions.
  • Training authors can easily create courses with a lesson builder that supports a wide range of content and media.
  • Custom-branded internal wiki knowledge base.
  • With Lessonly's analytics tools, you can track employee development, measure employee growth, and get an overview of key insights.
  • With Lessonly, you can create robust, dynamic content without any additional tools or software if you decide to ditch SCORM.
Pitfalls to be aware of when choosing Lessonly for corporate training
  • Limited course export and import features. Considering the high level of training content production on the platform, it's a shame getting the course to and from the system is not that smooth and flexible.
7. Edtch.: best LMS for corporate training that truly has it all
While many LMS promise to "have it all", Edtch. appears to really deliver on the promise, combining all the demanded features from corporate training course creation to comprehensive reporting and certification.

Key features & advantages of Edtch.
  • Manage the complete corporate training cycle from content authoring to skill gap analysis in one web-based tool.
  • Create an engaging immersive training experience with Edtch's visual interactive course editor.
  • Reduce time to proficiency for new hires by automated enrolment to onboarding training.
  • Provide training certificates to emphasize the value of the training program.
  • Integrate Edtch with infrastructure using open API and webhooks.
  • Unlike many cloud-based LMS, Edtch. gives its customers the freedom of choosing the location for their dedicated VPS. Germany, Finland, and USA are the options to pick from; if you have other requirements, the Edtch. team will be happy to satisfy your needs.
Pitfalls to be aware of when choosing Edtch. for corporate training
  • You will stop exploring other LMS: once you've set up Edtch., you will prefer to settle and developing your next courses only on this platform.
Choosing an LMS for corporate training is quite a responsibility. If you can't afford to make a wrong decision, go with the safe choice: Edtch. Book a demo with our team to discover what makes Edtch. attractive for all size of organizations and, most importantly, find out how it will improve e-learning in yours.
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