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New to the world of online corporate training? Start from the basics: define what corporate LMS are capable of in 2022 and how they can make a difference in your team and customer learning.
What is a corporate learning management system (LMS)?

Corporate Learning management systems (LMS) are used for creating online courseware and training. It is the software that lies at the core of eLearning. The selection of the right LMS platform is essential for your online courseware. It can be challenging to find an LMS platform that meets your needs perfectly (or almost) since there are hundreds to choose from. The mistake that many teams make is to overlook their core needs and pick an LMS by secondary features such as UI.

When chosen wisely, a corporate learning management system helps you handle every aspect of employee and customer training:

  • Identify and assess individual and organizational learning goals;
  • Track progress toward meeting these goals;
  • Collect data for supervising and improving the learning process.

How can corporate LMS platforms benefit your business?

Check out some of the most significant benefits of corporate learning management systems.

1. Cut costs
With a corporate learning management system, organizations can reduce training costs associated with traditional classroom training, such as printing out learning materials, instructor fees, and travel costs. Using LMS makes employee training easier, more accessible, and more effective, while also providing a significant return on investment.

2. Unlimited access to eLearning materials
A corporate LMS enables organizations to create, upload, and publish learning content that is accessible to all employees at any time from anywhere they want. Corporate LMS tools that can be used in multiple time zones are therefore essential for global audiences.

3. eLearning content is organized at one place
Using corporate LMS software, you can store all of your eLearning content in a centralized location. This reduces the risk of losing important training material and data while saving your workforce time they would otherwise spend searching through multiple devices and drives. When you use a cloud-based learning management system, your entire team can access the content, so it's a natural fit for online collaboration.

4. Easily track learner progress and performance
LMS platforms can measure training effectiveness, keep track of learner progress, monitor performance milestones and identify areas for development and improvement.

Using corporate learning management systems, managers can access reports on individual employees and determine when to provide extra attention to specific learners.

5. Accessibility
One of the crucial advantages of corporate learning management systems is that you can access all online courses and study materials on your phone, tablet, or laptop at any time. Additionally, learners can ask technical questions and inquire about courses easily.

5 corporate training programs you should streamline with an LMS

1. Onboarding training
Whether you're welcoming a new colleague or helping a new customer to get familiar with your product, you can do it more easily and efficiently with a learning management system.

2. Upskilling and reskilling
If you prefer to retain your loyal employees rather than spend 5X more to recruit new ones, you will certainly want to invest in educating your team. Equip them with the most recent skills and knowledge to facilitate their professional growth within your company.

3. Recurring training
Human resources and people teams, you will be happy to delegate the routine of compliance and security training to all-automated LMS tools.

4. Internal knowledge sharing
Spread the expertise within your organization without wasting the precious time of those highly-experienced team members. Replace word of mouth with more innovative and effective LMS technologies.

5. Product training
Educate your sales and customer success teams on new features and offerings through asynchronous learning. Ensure everyone is made aware of the current updates while respecting everyone's timetables and pace. And you can use corporate LMS to communicate any updates to your customers too!

Must-have features of a corporate LMS platform

Here are a few commonly found features of corporate learning management systems — make sure the one you choose is the strongest in these aspects:

1. Personalization
Different learners have different training needs, learning styles, or technological abilities. Corporate LMS tools should cater to the different training needs of every individual by providing personalized training programs in different formats according to their learning preferences, goals, and preferred language.

2. Multimedia features
A corporate LMS incorporates multimedia files such as images, PowerPoint presentations, audios, videos, etc., to make an organization's learning content more interactive and engaging for employees.

3. Learner feedback
For an LMS to work successfully and effectively, learner feedback is essential. A corporate LMS allows learners to give their feedback on the training courses in the form of post-training feedback surveys. This empowers organizations to assess the efficacy and impact of training programs, improve its learning content and delivery, identify strengths, and deliver improved lessons that benefit all of its employees.

4. E-Commerce
E-commerce features of corporate LMS software allows organizations to sell its courses online to other communities or businesses and generate another revenue stream.

5. Mobile learning
A good corporate LMS enables employees to access training programs on their mobile devices and learn anywhere and at any time.

Choose the corporate LMS that will meet and exceed your needs

We've compiled a list of the 7 best corporate learning management systems for 2022. Check it out
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