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The Most Tenable Alternative to Docebo for Aspiring Tech Businesses: Edtch

Discouraged by Docebo's pricing? Look at a more accessible all-in-one learning management system: Edtch. Get charged predictable rates for all the features needed to fuel your startup growth.
Distribute innovations in a shorter time and at a more predictable cost with Edtch.
Share knowledge on new products within the first few weeks, not months
Innovations get outdated quickly. So each time there is a new development, you want your teams and partners to learn its every bite quickly.
  • With Edtch, you can create a course on a new product from scratch in two days.
  • With Docebo, even the integration process can drag on weeks.
  • Don't waste a day — spread innovations swiftly and accelerate your product adoption and time-to-value.
Be aware of the price you pay and the value you get in advance
Make e-learning expenses work in your favor: get a complete set of features at a fixed, transparent and fair price from Edtch.

✔ Unlike Docebo, we don't hide our most innovative and trendiest features behind paid add-ons. So regardless of the number of seats and storage you pay for, you will enjoy all the e-learning abilities of the Edtch. platform.

✔ We openly talk about our pricing — please check out our public plans

See the Edtch. Pricing
And only if you require to customize your package, will we invite you to discuss it privately.
Request a custom plan
Create professional
e-learning content without actually learning how to do it
Docebo's UI appears unintuitive and overly complicated to most users.
Edtch. vs Docebo: Full comparison
Bulit for…
Fast-growing startups sharing knowledge with 250+ learners
Enterprise & corporation to scale from 500 learners to thousands
All-in-one / Fully-featured
Pricing: Edtch. is more accessible, flexible, and predictable than Docebo
Is pricing publicly available?
Yes, you can see the Edtch. pricing openly at any moment
No, the Docebo pricing is not listed on the company website, so you have to request it
Prices start from…
*according to Capterra
Monthly or yearly
Only yearly
All features are included in the standard price package

Only the basic ones.
Extra fees are charged for…
Additional seats for learners and admins; extra storage space — all according to the publicly available pricing
The majority of great features are sold as paid add-ons
Is there a free trial?
Yes, there is a 14-day free trial. Plus, a free one-month onboarding is offered to customers who have
Yes, but no onboarding is offered to new customers
LMS features: if we compare standard paid packages, Edtch. is a more powerful alternative to Docebo
If you see in the comparison tables below that a feature is marked as available on the Edtch. platform, you won't be charged any extra fee for it apart from what you pay for your regular package.In contrast, Docebo's most exciting features are hidden in paid add-on 'modules'. You decide.
Pricing: Edtch. is more accessible, flexible, and predictable than Docebo

with a visual course builder

with a .csv template that is further turned into a storyboard — no drag-and-drop function for the course author
Multimedia content: upload your own video, audio, and images to the slide deck
Access to stock content
Embedded free search for relevant rich media on Unsplash
Access to stock content is charged separately
Embed YouTube videos by URL
Built-in YouTube video search
Build-in Google Images search
Upload PPT, PDF, and SCORM courseware — the standards supported by Elucidat, LectoraOnline, and other authoring tools
SCORM 1.2 and 2004, Tinc Can/xAPI, and AICC + direct import from course authoring tools via an integration for an extra fee
Collaborative authoring
Social learning features
How are they charged?
Included in the standard subscription
Included in the "Coach & Share" module (available for an additional fee)
Peer-graded assignments
Inbuilt chat rooms

Forum-like threads within courses for an entire group


Private messaging chats for two or more participants
Personalization options
Learning portal customization

Multilingual interface
10+ languages
40+ languages
Course personalization

based on a learner's personal performance report

claimed to be AI-driven

Learning formats and up-to-date approaches supported

Included in all packages

Charged an extra as a paid add-on
Course personalization

based on a learner's personal performance report

claimed to be AI-driven

UI/UX: Edtch. decisively wins against Docebo
User reviews
⭐ 5.0 (Capterra)
⭐ 4.2 (Capterra)

Intuitive, visual, and intelligible
Unintuitive and unnecessarily complicated at times
The platform is easy to use out of the box

Requires a lot of customization to provide a good learning experience for users
Customer support
User rating
⭐ 5.0 (Capterra)
⭐ 4.2 (Capterra)
Email/Help Desk


So, is Edtch. a better alternative to Docebo?

Opt for a cost-efficient LMS built for startup success — Edtch