Spend less time managing learning process

Automate user account management, enrollment to training and report generation to save your efforts for the better tasks.
Main features
Ensure learners have their personalized set of optional and mandatory training automatically
Pull high-level as well as detailed reports to measure success of the education project
Integrate Edtch. into your existing IT ecosystem using API and web hooks
Customize the appearance of the learning portal to comply with your company guidelines
Analyze learning process on all levels
Multi-level reports help you to keep track of training and proactively remind participants to complete their assignments and suggest additional courses
Group leaderboard
Identify and eliminate skill gaps
Identify and eliminate skill gaps
Track knowledge gaps with individual and course-level reports to provide targeted training and coaching.
Assign targeted courses to your trainees with ease
Inviting by email
Role-based enrollment
Automate role-based training with group assignments, where new members automatically receive the necessary courses with predefined deadlines.
Optional and mandatory training
Configure due dates for mandatory training to ensure the timely completion. Share optional courses for self-development.
Inviting by email
Simplify mass onboarding for the first-time users by inviting them into learning system and configuring roles, group access and assigned courses at once.
Inviting by email
Customize reports to suit your needs
Build advanced reports with filters and export to Excel to customize it further.
Acknowledge competencies to motivate your learners
Use roles and permissions to manage access levels with ease
Use roles and permissions to manage access levels with ease
Create unique roles to fine-tune access levels for all types of users.
Inviting by email
Manage education for company branches and partners.
Create multiple isolated learning portals for your business divisions and partners with own branding, users and structure. Manage everything from your account page and exchange courses across all sites.
Customize branding and appearance of your learning portal
Change logos and colors of your Edtch. site to match the company guidelines.
Inviting by email

Provide multinational learners with a comfortable learning environment.
Every user chooses the preferred language of the interfaces from several locales available in Edtch.
Integrate Edtch. into your existing IT infrastructure
Open API
Manage users, groups and course assignments from your software via REST API.
Web hooks
Push learning events data to your web service using web hooks.
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