Streamline communications related to education in one tool

Reduce the number of emails between Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Instructional Designers with collaborative course authoring. Communicate with learners through chats, forums and targeted announcements to increase engagement.
Deliver targeted announcements in few clicks
Send messages from your learning portal to the selected users and groups to remind about their assignments without having to search for their email addresses.
Provide instant feedback to learners
Use inbuilt chat rooms to drive discussions on course level, within a group or between two or more participants.
Create courses together from the draft to the sign-off

Invite Subject Matter Experts, aprovers, co-authors and peer reviewers to the course you are working on to speed up review and sign-off process.

Discuss courses with learners

Forum-like threads help instructional designers to receive first-hand feedback from participants and improve the content. Trainees learn faster when they see questions and answers from their peers in a course discussion.

More things to consider while implementing e-learning