VR Android App

A service for professional photographers, architects, and designers that allows to create 360 immersive virtual tours and view them on any device and in VR mode.
    The main purposes of the Android app for professionals is a fast and smooth VR mode made possible because of custom made native viewer and permanent access to the portfolio with the "Offline Tours" feature.
    For the users who just exploring the content, the app is a great and engaging opportunity to learn more about almost any corner of the Earth (and more) before the vacation trip, in educational purposes or just for fun.
    Fast tour viewer using smartphone's gyroscope and accelerometer sensors data feels like a window to the parallel universe. Explore tours, leave comments, add best ones to favorites or hide all the interface with a double tap and just enjoy the view.
    VR Mode
    The smoothest VR viewer with eye-sensitive interface ever. Navigate the tour by staring at portals. Enjoy hand-picked tours in Best New and Editor's Picks feeds, or explore through creators' profiles. All this without even removing the headset.
    When looking down, the main menu of the VR mode is appearing. Choose between few options to explore more tours from the Author's Profile, Best New or Editor's Picks feed.
    When looking up in VR mode, the white heart icon is appearing. By staring at it, it is possible to add the tour to favourites
    Tour Around The World
    Enjoy the best immersive stories from all over the world by exploring the feed or using the world map. Find and follow the top creators to not to miss new stories from them.
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