Mobile applications and Web development
Innovation and flexibility allow us to implement the best solution to fit your needs. Our beautifully designed and user friendly applications will boost your business and help your reach for the stars!
Working drill
There are no two identical projects. So why would we put yours in a single, one size fits all process? Well, we wouldn't. Your project is unique. But just for you to have a hint of what you could expect from us while working together, our cooperation usually has 3 phases:
Hi! How can we help you?
We start with a chat to find out more about you and your project or idea (NDA included). Usually we can give you some suggestions and propose a course of action.

Plan Workshops
During workshop sessions we get to know each other better. You will meet our Designers and Developers, and your project idea can crystallize.

We always make sure that these workshops give you a great value. We try to keep the meetings short and full of actionable information. We value your time.

After each meeting we summarize to make sure we touched upon all the topics, understood each other and everyone is clear on what we should do going forward. You've already joined our Team!
Work plan & Estimation
On the basis of the collected requirements, we will formulate a work plan and estimate the time needed for its successful implementation.

Offer and Valuation
We will present you with an offer and budget that includes all of the work that can be specified at this point in time.

Get serious
As long as we are on the same page we finalize terms and get serious.
Projects sprints
We mainly use SCRUM to prioritize and control workflow. This allows us to implement changes quickly and be flexible at all stages of the project.

Tools and technologies
Web & Application Development

Our highly skilled engineers pick the most suitable technologies and follow the best coding practices.
A flexible and efficient JavaScript framework created by the team behind Facebook. It is the easiest and fastest way to build user interfaces, that also allows the creation of reusable UI components. React designs simple views for each state in your application, and will efficiently update and render just the right component when your data changes. Thanks to React your application will be not only very fast but also handy for every user.
Python / Django
Python is high level programming language which is used by popular services like Google, Uber, YouTube and etc. Django is battle tested, ripe python framework which reduces development cycle and makes code base maintainable. That's why companies like Instagram, Pinterest and Coursera chose Django framework.
A PHP framework with MVC architecture that allows to develop project fast and painless. It is used to build high-performance complex web applications without extensive and monotonous coding. Symfony is a set of decoupled and reusable components, enabling developers to create scalable and efficient web applications. With its speed and flexibility Symfony combines all the features that you would come to expect from a framework.
React Native
Why React Native? Because mobile apps created using React Native perform as well as any native app. React Native makes the process of developing mobile apps much faster. By reducing distance between ideas and releases you company gets competitive advantage. This framework used by Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, Skype etc.
Integrating web development platform into a visual tool allows the designer to be involved closely during whole production cycle. Webflow is our choice when it comes to building beautiful and responsive websites fast.
Docker, GitLab CI/CD
Docker helps us to build platform agnostic, scalable and secure applications. To analyse quality, test, build and deploy we use GitLab CI/CD. It takes all deployment routines, so our team can keep focus on delivering new features.
UX/UI Design

Pixel perfect design is the key to success of your mobile and web applications. Our Design Team works with modern tools such as Sketch, InVision or Figma, so we can amaze you even before the project is finished.

Our Designers are open to help you at any stage of product creation. No matter if it is an idea brainstorming, wireframing, interaction prototyping or final User Interface creation.

Used by thousands of designers worldwide, tool built to help create projects with pixel perfect precision. With its speed and flexibility, Sketch helps our design team to transform any idea into an incredible product.
This prototyping platform allows us to turn design mockups into interactive projects. Connecting Sketch and Invision, we deliver prototypes to our clients fast and efficiently. With Invision every stage of design process from ideation to development can be easily navigated.
Cooperation between designers and developers is essential to the success of a project. With Zeplin we can quickly turn prototypes into specs and guidelines and give developers access to required resources.
Release & QA

To ensure the highest quality of the final product, we implement detailed Quality Assurance procedures. With professional tools the tester is able to track, organize and prioritize bugs to make sure that the final product is working flawlessly.

When tests are completed and we are certain that our new software meets all requirements of UX/UI it's time for the big moment — release! Enjoying another success is the best time for our team.

Test Flight
An online service for testing of mobile applications currently owned by Apple, created for developers within iOS Developer Program. It makes beta testing for iOS a lot easier and faster. This service can be used for internal and external tests. It allows to invite users to review apps and collect feedback before release. Thanks to Test Flight we are able to quickly check if the app is ready for market.
A flexible tool used for bug tracking, issue tracking and project management related to mobile apps and software. It helps to trace, organize and prioritize bugs, improvements and new features before releasing the final product. Jira enables company to handle processes, projects and issues in an easy and effective way.
After establishing the scope of the project, we'll present you with an initial cost estimation — of the whole process or particular phases depending on the extent of the work.

Of course, this assumes we can develop a detailed specification of the product. If you'd rather have scope defined during the project, we can also work on a Time and Materials basis.
Estimate your project
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