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Oct 27, 2023

Why Edtch. Is the Best LMS for Small Businesses and Enterprises

Selecting the right tool for business can mean the difference between success and stagnation.


Oct 27, 2023

Why Edtch. Is the Best LMS for Small Businesses and Enterprises

Selecting the right tool for business can mean the difference between success and stagnation.


Oct 27, 2023

Why Edtch. Is the Best LMS for Small Businesses and Enterprises

Selecting the right tool for business can mean the difference between success and stagnation.


This holds especially true when choosing an LMS, as it determines the efficiency of your training programs, the level of employee engagement, and, ultimately, the success of your entire organization.

So, what makes an LMS so impactful? When choosing one, you're not just selecting software; you're choosing an approach to corporate training. It can be well-structured and organized, or unstable and unpredictable, like an ill-fitted LMS with complex pricing.

To elevate your company's performance, you want your perfect LMS to check all the functional and UX boxes.

The Search for the Best LMS for Business Begins

Selecting the best LMS for business starts with a clear understanding of your organization's specifics and objectives.

For agile and resource-conscious small businesses, cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness are paramount. An LMS should not only enhance your training but also seamlessly integrate into your operations without breaking the bank.

For larger enterprises, scalability and compliance are crucial. When you operate at this level, your LMS should go beyond meeting present needs; it should have the capacity to navigate the evolving landscape of corporate learning, ensuring that you stay on the right side of regulations.

Key Features of the Best LMS for a Small Business and an Enterprise

While the destination remains the same—an enhanced learning experience—small businesses and enterprises embark on distinct journeys to reach that goal.

Let’s delve into essential criteria and how Edtch. accommodates them.

Small businesses: Find the LMS that offers the best value for money


Budgets are often tight in small businesses, so affordability may be the #1 criteria that their decision-makers will look at. The right choice of an LMS can directly impact the bottom line, bringing an immediate, tangible return on investment.

Consider Edtch.: it offers a cost-effective pay-per-active-user pricing model. This means small businesses are only charged for the users actively engaging with the platform, making it budget-friendly.

The best part is that all features are included in the starter plan, differentiating Edtch. from its competitors that build their names on outstanding features that turn out to be premium add-ons.

With Edtch., small business owners invest wisely in their team's development.

Seamless integration and setup

In a small team, technical integration and LMS setup are likely to be managed by an in-house IT generalist or outsourced to a third-party provider. In this context, the process should be smooth. In case any assistance is needed, the business may want to contact the LMS provider directly.

If a small business gets started with Edtch., they can be reassured that the initial steps can be taken quickly, and there is prompt support in case any issues arise.

User-friendly interface

It's essential to choose an LMS that doesn't create barriers to learning, especially as an aspiring small business where each employee wears multiple hats. They just have no time for grappling with a complex system.

Take Edtch.: this LMS offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the learning experience for both administrators and learners.

As a product, Edtch. is quite new to the market, but it is brought to you by seasoned professionals in the e-learning industry. This combination of novelty and expertise has given birth to a state-of-the-art solution with an intuitive interface and a seamless user experience, saving valuable time for small teams.

Content creation

Small businesses may be allured by ready-made courses and content libraries provided by some of the best-known LMS. However, most ready-to-use content comes at an extra (and pretty high!) cost, so budget-conscious teams may have to look for alternatives.

A viable option is to develop training materials in-house via easy-to-use course authoring tools, like the ones that Edtch. provides. 

With Edtch., SMBs can easily transform their subject-matter experts’ knowledge and sales decks into engaging courses for employees and external audiences. You can import your assets in PPT, PDF, and SCORM formats, structure the knowledge on a visual storyboard and add new multimedia pieces via built-in Google Images and YouTube search.

Since e-learning course creation is often a collaborative effort between subject matter experts within the company and external course designers, the next key feature for a small business is:

Collaborative course authoring

In smaller companies, corporate training responsibilities often fall on a few dedicated individuals, such as the HR manager, a trainer, or even the business owner. Due to smaller team sizes, they take on multiple roles and collaborate closely to design and deliver training programs.

Edtch. users can start collaborating at the initial stage of storyboarding and continue working on the e-learning project together throughout the entire production cycle.

The concept of collaboration works for learners too: peer assignments, bulti-in chat rooms, and shared content libraries bring social learning to life – to the benefit of the business!

Full customization

As a small business that is yet to establish its brand awareness, you need to be careful about using one visual language when communicating with partners, customers, and new employees. All your internal and external training materials need to feature your company logo, color schemes, and even the interface matching your branding.

Edtch. caters to this need, allowing businesses to customize their e-learning portal and course assets easily.

Built-in assessments & Real-time feedback messaging

Small businesses often seek immediate ROI from the tools and initiatives they invest in; e-learning is no exception. To conclude on the training effectiveness quickly, it is critical that an LMS for a small business allows for real-time reviews, assignment checks, and feedback exchnage via built-in messaging.

Edtch. offers all of these features, making the full e-learning cycle straightforward and transparent, just like other processes in smaller teams.


Hopefully, your small business’s team will expand, and you want your corporate LMS to be capable of growing with you.

To avoid additional expenses, make the right choice from the get-go – opt for a future-proof LMS like Edtch. With this platform, you can start small and expand as needed without incurring exorbitant costs.

We offer reasonable and calculable pricing for companies that require LMS capabilities for under 500 users. When you surpass this number, our platform will be able to meet your needs, with unlimited storage, global accessibility, and dedicated customer support & success managers.

Enterprise-level businesses: Find the LMS that can secure your growth

Scalability for a large user base

For large and scaling enterprises, maximum technical capacity of an LMS is a deal-breaker.

Established companies typically have a more extensive workforce, often dispersed across various locations. So, the best LMS for enterprise-level companies must be able to accommodate higher volumes of data and keep pace with the organization’s growth.

Edtch. excels in scalability, being able to satisfy the needs of enterprises with thousands of users. Its dedicated VPS options in different locations ensure it can handle large user bases.

Well-developed features to satisfy complex training needs

Enterprises frequently have more complex training needs, whether it's compliance training, onboarding, or skills development. End-users expect the LMS to offer a wide array of features to meet these multifaceted demands.

In Edtch., you can import and convert your previously-made e-learning materials, update them to the industry’s state of knowledge, your company’s current branding, and design trends.

All courses can be personalized to individual users and specific teams: in Edtch., we offer branching as a must-have of an effective course, not as an extra you can go without.

Extensive customization options

For companies with an established presence in the market, brand identity is non-negotiable. All assets distributed to internal and external audiences must be consistent.

Edtch. provides advanced customization tools, allowing enterprise L&D teams to adhere to all design guidelines and create highly tailored training programs and content, adapting to their organization’s complex needs.

Ample opportunities for e-learning content creation

Enterprises tend to have the resources to create highly customized courses in-house and require the freedom to implement their ideas on an LMS platform.

Edtch. supports all the recent trends, including gamification, microlearning, interactive and multimedia formats, and social learning.

Integration with enterprise systems

Seamless integration with your existing systems is crucial for a smooth training experience.

Edtch. recognizes this need and offers robust integration capabilities, whether it's your HR software, CRM, or other tools. This ensures compatibility, minimizes disruptions, and optimizes your training processes.

Edtch. also offers Open API and webhooks for seamless integration with other enterprise systems, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Dedicated support

Large organizations demand timely and personalized assistance to address intricate issues, seamlessly integrate the LMS with their existing systems, and ensure a smooth learning experience for their extensive user base.

Edtch. acknowledges the significance of this and provides dedicated support customized to meet the distinct demands of enterprise clients. While Edtch. offers robust self-service support and documentation, it can also provide dedicated support and assistance for enterprises, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed.

Multi-Lingual support

Enterprises often span across multiple regions and languages, making it essential for the LMS to seamlessly adapt to diverse linguistic and cultural needs.

Edtch. is committed to making e-learning accessible to the larger number of people, so we offer a multi-lingual interface and robust course personalization options. This way, enterprises with global operations can educate and engage their workforce without any barriers, ensuring that the company’s investments in L&D can yield results worldwide. 

Streamlined user management and team access

L&D professionals, instructional designers, and training managers should all have easy and secure team access and multiple user role management.

Edtch. allows setting unique roles and permissions to different type of users and provides a single sign-on (SSO) option to optimize the access for expanded teams.

Detailed reporting & Evaluation of the team’s and personal progress

Enterprises place a premium on data-driven insights. L&D professionals expect their LMS of choice to allow for comprehensive assessment, often integrating tools for skill gap analysis, compliance tracking, and detailed reporting.

Edtch. enhances its automated report generation with customizable reporting options, individual progress tracking, and data visualization to assess the overall impact of training initiatives.

Long-term effect on the bottom line

In large enterprises, the adoption of an LMS has wide-reaching consequences. It not only enhances employee skills and performance but also contributes to long-term growth and competitiveness. The focus extends to broader areas such as talent development, compliance, and global expansion, where the financial impact is more far-reaching.

Edtch. ticks all the boxes for enterprise-grade businesses. If you wish to measure its (potential) ROI and impact on your company, just get in touch with the Edtch. team, and we’ll be happy to discuss the expected outcomes privately.

Edtch.: Take a closer look at the best LMS for business

Edtch. sets itself apart as a comprehensive and robust learning management system for businesses. The Edtch. solution prioritizes user experience, customization, and scalability, providing small, medium, and enterprise-level companies with versatile tools for corporate education.

Although Edtch. has not attained the same level of recognition as some established competitors yet, its capabilities make it a compelling choice worth exploring further. The platform can adapt to your business’s specific needs – see it for yourself!

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Ready to get started delivering high-impact training with Edtch?

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Ready to get started delivering high-impact training with Edtch?

Speak with a member of our team today.

All processes for your corporate training in one tool

— Learning management

Manage mandatory and optional training enrollment, control the results with reports and statistics.

— Courses authoring

Create interactive training courses with quizzes, tests, expert and peer-graded assessments right in your browser.

All processes for your corporate training in one tool

— Learning management

Manage mandatory and optional training enrollment, control the results with reports and statistics.

— Courses authoring

Create interactive training courses with quizzes, tests, expert and peer-graded assessments right in your browser.