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$500/mo ($5000/yr)
What Our Customers Say
Franco Ariel Salonia
CEO at DinoCLoud
We enjoyed creating our custom-made courses with Edtch.! The platform allowed us to turn our internal knowledge base (which was quite scattered, to be honest) into engaging onboarding for new team members. It has saved a few hours for each manager responsible for introducing new employees to the product, and later, we've even used the course materials to create some marketing assets. Having tested Edtch.'s abilities in-house, we dared to create our very first product training series for an external audience - for our customers. And it was a success in terms of feature adoption and increased product usage!
Dr. Kala Fleming
It's very easy to use and it's like all-in-one: we create courses by uploading our PPTs and adding video tracks, then publish courses and map to a corresponding group/team. That's it! Once new hire or new customer joins the academy, they get all assignments properly timed for them. And also their awesome course editor! It's visual and it allows building non-linear courses -- when user can go different paths depending on how she answered a question or whether she'd watched a video till the end or not.
Maria Laura Ruggiero
Great experience so far. We use it for certification training and courses and it's been a great one stop solution. Very happy with the product, can't wait to see next iterations and updates. Super easy to use with a great content editor which allows me to embed all types of media. User management is also very user friendly where I can recreate different hierarchies easily and it's in general very flexible. There are many supported learning activities as well.
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