Create engaging e-learning
courses with edtch.

Build professional training courses with multimedia lessons, tests, expert and peer graded assignments to help learners grow their skills faster.
Main features
Plan your e-learning courses with sophisticated branching and various learning activities using visual course builder.
Multimedia lessons
Maximize engagement of your learners by adding video and audio tracks to your slide deck.
Evaluate the effectiveness of your training using tests, surveys and expert-graded assessments.
Import materials
Jump-start online training campaign by uploading PPT, PDF and SCORM courseware, and wrapping it with tests.
Build interactive e-learning fast and joyfully
Rich learning content
Make learning accessible to the greatest number of people
Make learning accessible to the greatest number of people
Create a comfortable online learning experience on a tight schedule, and reach the learners with auditory, visual and reading/writing preferences by adding audio and video tracks to your lessons.
Create courses as a team
Integrated storyboarding
Save time on storyboarding by using course builder to create your course map that you later extend with actual learning materials
Collaborative authoring
Invite reviewers and co-authors to help with drafting and finalizing the course
Shared content library
Reuse images, videos, page templates, questions and other pieces of e-learning stored in the system
Enable social learning by adding peer assessments
Enable social learning by adding peer assessments
Help your course participants to learn from each other by comparing their answers against predefined criteria and answers of their peers.
Ensure knowledge transfer with knowledge checks
Tests and quizzes
Tests and quizzes
Use 6 types of questions to evaluate how well your learners understand important concepts of your training
Human-checked assignments
Add expert-graded assessments to your courses to perform a more advanced knowledge check through essays and project artifacts
Tests and quizzes
Built-in Google Images and YouTube search
Search for Google Images and YouTube videos to illustrate your course proof-of-concept to save your creative power for things that matter: learners' experience, clarity of the content and accuracy of the information.
Convert existing training materials to e-learning
Upload your PPT decks, PDF documents and SCORM files, add knowledge checks and your elearning module is ready
Collect feedback to improve courses
After-course surveys
After-course surveys
Poll the audience to identify places in training that require improvement.
Course statistics
Objective data of how participants answer questions in tests, how much time they spend on certain course parts help to eliminate misleading elements from your e-learning modules
After-course surveys
More things to consider while implementing e-learning