Empower users of your product with training and certification

Help your customers achieving more with your product by providing interactive online courses and validating their mastery level with certificates.
As a product manager or marketing leader you can increase the loyalty of your customers, create additional value for the primary product and grow the revenue with the product certification:
Reduce the load on your support team by increasing the product expertise of your customers with interactive courses and simulations
Standardize and certify the ability to operate with your product
Motivate studying your product with certification credentials like Product Professional or Product Expert.
Save on training delivery by providing product certification via online exams
That is what you can do with Edtch. in this scenario:
Create interactive courses with the simulation of your product:
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Unlocking the potential of your organization starts today!
Additional scenarios:
Onboarding and compliance training
Ensure every member of your growing team complies with policies and regulations and has all skills necessary for the current position.
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Soft-skill and leadership training
Save time and efforts on scaling personality training programs by converting basic instructor-led training into e-learning format.
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