Scale soft-skill and leadership growth

Move preliminary materials for personality development from classroom training into self-paced courses to share it with the greatest number of people
Help members of sales and customer support teams, managers and company leaders improve their social and personal skills by moving general training into elearning:
Make entry-level materials accessible for a broad audience anytime
Show clear self-development path for employees
Provide social learning capabilities at lower cost as compared to instructor-led training
Reuse materials without additional costs
The following Edtch. features will help you to do it more efficiently:
Analyze reports to provide suggestions for the further improvement.
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Additional scenarios:
Onboarding and compliance training
Ensure every member of your growing team complies with policies and regulations and has all skills necessary for the current position.
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Product training and certification
Increase loyalty of your customers and employees by validating their level with certification training.
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